YDL Post Installation Notes. Tut on how to install VLC, Mplayer & Emu


Mplayer: Likewise one of most generally used video user, additionally can play DVDs. (regular ones).

I saw some people having issues so I place number of quick guides together.

Setting up VLC:.

a) Log in as origin. That suggests in YDL’s login food selection your Username should be “origin” and your password is the origin password you keyed in during installation.

b) Basically, next to the firefox image to the left there is a black box symbol called Gnome Terminal. Click it. In the Terminal type “yum update”.

Note: I guess the “yum update” step is optional. Just operate it if any one of the programs fail to install, and if you run it, ignore the errors.

After the upgrade is total.

– Type “yum install videolan-client” favorite Enter, during the procedure it will ask if “this is ok?”, merely kind “y” and hit Enter into.

After finalization congrats! You have actually put up VLC.

Article VLC setup Notes:.

– Using a Knowledge Session, when you go in to complete screen, VLC will certainly collapse. To prevent this. At YDL’s login screen. Click Session and choose GNOME. It’s additional stable.

– When in GNOME (not as origin), to launch VLC go to:.
Applications–)Sound & Video clip–)Video clip lan client.

Installing Mplayer:.

a) Log in as root. That implies in YDL’s login menu your Username need to be “root” and your password is the origin password you keyed in throughout setup.

b) Launch Gnome Terminal. (Like you finished with VLC).

c) This time kind: “yum put in mplayer” hit Enter. (kind “y” when propelled and struck Enter).

d) After the previous action surfaces, Type “yum put up mplayer-gui” favorite Get in.

e) After procedure is total, mplayer must be installed on your PS3.

Configuring, Initiating and Making use of Mplayer:.
Mplayer doesn’t appear to pick the right drivers for the PS3 by nonpayment, so we are visiting have to configure it.

NOTE: These setup could not put on everyone.

a) Log in as root. Browse to / etc/mplayer and dual click mplayer. conf. Make the adjustments received the images:.

In online video settings, vo=sdl.
In audio settings, ao=sdl (Scroll down).

b) Once in GNOME (not as root), to launch Mplayer visit:.
Applications–)Sound & Video–) Mplayer. c) Making use of Mplayer now must be simple, appropriate go to and look at the choices.

d) If you choose a video and mplayer still fails to initialize, Open up a Terminal (we’re still in Gnome).
Kind: “gmplayer -vo sdl” and hit get in. I just had to do this once. Then, Mplayer caught on.

e) To see full screen, DO N’T PRESS f, Press C. just trust me. To leave, press ESC.
f) For more controls, inspect the Mplayer site.