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Showtime PS3 Homebrew Home Theater System is Released!

by on Dec.05, 2011, under Downloads, PS3 Hacks


Today andoma introduced on IRC he has launched Showtime – a PS3 Homebrew Home Entertainment System media player application!

Download: http://www.lonelycoder.com/redmine/accessories/download/209/showtime-GIT-2.99.139.g1e7b1.pkg / http://www.lonelycoder.com/redmine/accessories/download/210/showtime-GIT-2.99.139.g1e7b1.self / Showtime PS3 for 3.41 (by deanrr) / Showtime GIT v2.99.183.gbf4bb for PS3 / http://www.lonelycoder.com/hts/showtime_overview.html / http://www.lonelycoder.com/redmine/projects/showtime/repository

To quote from his page linked above: After in regards to a month of hacking I am pleased to announce that Showtime can now be run like a native “homebrew” application around the PS3. See PS3 usage guide to learn more of ways to get began. (continue reading…)

Rumor: PS3 JailBreak 2 v3.55 Dongle Plays v3.60+ Game Backups?

by on Oct.31, 2011, under PS3 Hacks, Tutorials

Today a PS3 JailBreak 2 v3.55 USB dongle from Indonesian Team KADO continues to be rumored to experience v3.60 game backup copies based on a Forum user who passes the title http://world wide web.kaskus.us/showthread.php?t=11042660#post531602523 then PS3 CFW JailBreak 2 and JB2 Updater for Ps 3. (continue reading…)

PSjailbreak Ps3 Hack ! ( ! ! ! New Version 3.56 ! ! ! )

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PSjailbreak New Version Working On New Ps3 Firmware 3.56 ! ! ! Official Page: www.ps3jailbreak.iphoneworld1.com additional tags: playstation3 playstation 3 jailbreak chipmod playstation 3 mod ps3 ps3 jailbreak mod ps3 jailbreak ps3 mod ps3 chipmod playstation 3 jailbreak…
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Hello Everyone. Today i show you how to downgrade any ps3 from cfw 3.50 to cfw 3.41 With An iPhone (2G or 3G only) or an iPod Touch (First Generation Only) Firmware of iOS 3.1.2/3.1.3/4.0.0/4.0.1/4.0.2 (confirmed) jailbroken with PwnageTool, Redsn0w or blackra1n (NOT Spirit) First off if your iphone 3g isnt jailbroken folow this tutorial: (Or any tutorial aslong as it isnt spirit or a to high iOS) www.redmondpie.com If u are jailbroken start from here: Download PSFreedom for iPhone 3G: www.ps3-hacks.com Or check here for a compatible version of PSFreedom for your device: www.ps3-hacks.com Download Iphone Browser: iphonebrowser.software.informer.com Install OpenSSH On Iphone 3G: www.iclarified.com Now install PSFreedom to your iphone (start at step 3.) www.iphonedownloadblog.com Download Downgrade-PS3-iPhone-iTouch.rar (This pack it contains the files to do the downgrade with .selfs & .pup,android.img.gz & zImage,Zaxtron Front End ) www.mediafire.com Now extract/install everything and open iphone browser. So when iphone browser is connected go to /private/var directory and replace the android.img.gz & zImage on your iphone with the ones provided in iPhone – iTouch folder. Reboot your iphone when iboot loads select the android and boot PSFreedom and jailbreak your PS3 like your would as normal. It will turn itsself off, Turn it back on and check if u are in factory/service mode. If it is in factory/service mode turn it off again and put the usb stick with the files from the
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jailbroken ps3 3.55 with homebrew

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default jailbroken ps3 3.55 with homebrew

download link is here READ READ READ READ Watch the full video 1. Plug a USB stick into your computer 2. Create a folder in the root of the USB stick called PS3 3. Create a folder inside the PS3 folder called UPDATE 4. Download www.multiupload.com 5 Move PS3UPDAT.PUP to the directory UPDATE that you just created on the USB stick 6. Plug the USB stick into your PS3 7. Navigate to Settings Tab 8. Choose System Update 9. Choose Update via Storage Media 10. It will say it found Version 3.55-jb 11. Choose OK 12. Accept Conditions and Install Update 13. After less than a minute, your PS3 will update, beep 4 times then shut down. 14. Power up your PS3 (You will have to do it on the console and not by the controller) 15. Your PS3 is now jailbroken! package files link:- www.multiupload.com How to install Packages on Jailbroken PS3 3.55 Step 1:Plug your USB stick into your computer Step 2:Drop .pkg into the root of the USB stick Step 3:Plug your USB stick into your PS3 Step 4:Navigate to the Game Tab Step 5:Choose Install Package Files Step 6:Select the .pkg file Step 7:After it installs you will find the package frofiles installed below the Install Package Files folder SUBSCRIBE FOR LATEST NEW ABOUT 3.55 JAIL BREAK SUBSCRIBE LIKE AND COMMENT
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Runescape Gold Hack (TOTALLY FREE) – Unlimited Gold!

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follow link below to download the hack! simple smile Runescape Gold Hack (TOTALLY FREE)   Unlimited Gold! goo.gl goo.gl tags: youtube runescape rs “runescape runescape” rune scape “runescape rs” mmorpg mmo “addicting games” “runescape hack” hack cheat glitch
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