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Ps3 Downgrade 3.60 to 3.55!!!! Link + Tut in description!

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default Ps3 Downgrade 3.60 to 3.55!!!! Link + Tut in description!

How to downgrade 3.60 – 3.55 ! Start of by making a folder into your Flash-Drive called PS3, then in that folder make a new folder called DOWNGRADE , and inside that folder place this file called PSDowngrade.Pup : tinyurl.com If Surveys appear, please use FakeNameGenerator.Com to get passed the surveys. When done that go on your PS3, then go to System Settings and System Update Then do Update With Storage Media. And Accept terms. When done do not check ” Turn of after downgrade ” When its loaded it will turn of. Turn it on on the console, not the controller. Now TADAAH! Congratz, u downgraded ur ps3! ~~~~~~ IGNORE !!!~~~~ EXTRA TAGS!!!~~~~~ IGNORE!!!! ~~~~ Ps3 downgrade for free no survey psdowngrade ps3downgrade psdowngrade.pup jailbreak mw2 challenge lobby cl hosting for free, reddotcity geohot Kakarotoks no no no no sharecash free for surveys tutorial in description message for help free download ps3 downgrade
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The notorious group of hackers known as Anonymous have waged war against Sony, but now have officially crossed the line. Sony Playstation 3 PS3 jailbreak hackers anonymous Sony Playstation 3 PS3 jailbreak hackers anonymous Sony Playstation 3 PS3 jailbreak hackers anonymous Click here to read the related article, gamrfeed.vgchartz.com – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – CLICK HERE FOR A FREE NETFLIX TRIAL, COURTESY OF NGT: netflix.com SUBSCRIBE FOR INDIVIDUAL GAME VIDEO NOTIFICATIONS: www.nextgentactics.com VISIT OUR WEBSITE FORUMS, GO TO: www.nextgentactics.com CHECK OUT OUR LIVE STREAMING SERVICE: www.nextgentactics.com SUBSCRIBE TO OUR FACEBOOK APP, GO TO: apps.facebook.com FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK, GO TO: www.facebook.com FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, GO TO: twitter.com FOR AMAZING GAMEPLAY, GO TO: www.youtube.com FOR NGT DIRECTOR VIDEOS, GO TO: www.youtube.com FOR OUR RAW, LIVE STREAM FOOTAGE, GO TO: www.youtube.com
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PS3 3.60 Jailbreak *TEST*

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This is the 3.60 PS3 CFW jailbreak in progress. Its not fully complete but you can test the file out and see what you like about it. At least this file doesnt error before you get to the restore menu. Remember this is a Test file not the real thing just yet. So this is in progress. When the Jailbreak for 3.60 comes out i will release it. TEST THE FILE OUT FOR YOUR SELF DOWNLOAD Link: www.mediafire.com
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Download link : www.mediafire.com How install: Step 1- Download ps3update.PUP extractor from up link Step 2- Extract the PS3UPDAT.PUP to USB:/PS3/UPDATE (MAKE SURE USB IS FAT32) Step 3- Plug Into Ps3 — Settings — System Update — Storage Device —Start 3.70 Frad Update. Step 4- Install it, After you have finished the installation, your PS3 will boot. Now, you should see the 3.55FW ———– Exta tags Create a USB modchip 3.70 how to Create a USB modchip 3.70 modchip 3.70 Jailbreak 3.70 Ps3 jailbreak 3.70 how to jailbreak 3.70 jailbreak 3.70 download ps3 free 3.70 PS3 heohot 3.70 firmware ps3 3.70 tutorial jailbreak 3.70 ps3 jailbreak update 3.70 Hack 3.70 Firmware PS3 PS3UPDAT.PUP 3.70 firmware PS3UPDAT.PUP download PS3 jailbreak 3.70 NO MODCHIP PS3 Jailbreak cfw 3.70 how to jailbreak your ps3 with 3.66 firmware PS3 jailbreak 3.70 NO MOD CHIP Jailbreak PS3 No modchip PS3 Jailbreak 3.70 Geohot How to Jailbreak PS3 3.70 jailbreak no mod chip PS3 Downgrade 3.70 CFW PS3 Geohot 3.70-jb Waninkoko PS3 firmware 3.70 hacks PS3 CFW 3.65 jailbreak PS3 Custom Firmware 3.66-jb PS3 Jailbreak 3.66 Free PS3 CFW 3.65 Waninkoko PS3 custom Firmware 3.66 FRee Jailbreak 3.66 Waninkoko Custom fimrware 3.66 PS3 how to jailbreak your ps3 on 3.70 Playstation3 Hacks Geohot 3.70 PS3 3.66 custom firmware 3.65 No X3max Jailbreak 3.70 X3max Jailbreak 3.70 free X3max Jailbreak 3.70 PS3 Jailbreak 3.66 Custom Firmware download Modchip PS3 3.66 jailbrak 3.66 Tutorial how to jailbreak your ps3 3.70
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PS3 3.6x Downgrade Tutorial (256Mb NAND Only)

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Simplified 256Mb NAND PS3 3.6x Downgrade Guide:

Software needed:

PS3NANDProgrammer v1.41


Infectus NAND Flasher v1..42

Flow Rebuilder v4.1.3.2

Hexeditor (HxD is free of charge)

^^^^^ALL Incorporated^^^^^

First make certain you will find the Infectus motorists installed, and you’ve got already designed your Infectus with PS3 DUAL NAND firmware (using Infectus software) (continue reading…)

Mw2 Amazing .50Cal Nuke!

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default Mw2 Amazing .50Cal Nuke!

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Geohot’s 3.55 Jailbreak Information – Sony? Banned? Illegal?

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I’m very glad to bring you this video that me and skeptic snipez worked very hard on! Anyways what we will be talking about in this video is the fact that SONY has sued George Hots AKA “GeoHotz” Because he posted his Jailbreak at www.geohot.com – Right now the site is very popular and getting tons of views everyday The thing is can The PS3 Users who downloaded this Jailbreak for your playstation 3 get banned, I guess we won’t know untill the NEW patch but if you would like to take the risk of possibly getting banned you can download the jailbreak here www.geohot.com I would like to give a thanks to my Friend JOEL for helping me with this video.
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