Sony Sues Geohot Over PS3 Jailbreak + Info On My Website


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PLEASE CLICK THAT LIKE BUTTON AND SUBCRIBE. ENJOY THE VID. this is a tutorial on how to jailbreak your ps3 using a usb storage device and red dot city so you can do challenge lobbies in modern warfare 2, mw2, cod4, world at war JailBreak Your PS3 3.55 with a USB Stick and Make an MW2 CL By MrRedDoT Download Files at Step 1: Copy The Items inside of FlashDrive Folder and Copy it to your FlashDrive! Step 2: Plug The FlashDrive into Your 3.55 PS3 and Run System Update via Storage Media Step 3: Once System Shuts Down Start it up Scroll to game and Install Package Files Step 4: Start MW2 game and Download 1.11 update. Start a Private lobby then Quit Game. Step 5: On the PS3 Main Menu Scroll to Game and Click on The Black Box FTP. Step 6: Launch FileZilla on your Computer. Type in The ip address for your PS3 Where it Says Host: Then Click Quick connect. (Black Box FTP will Show your PS3 ip Address) Step 7: To Install Mw2 Patch BLUS Goto: dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30377/USRDIR and copy the patch_mp.ff and click ok to override. Done!