How to Platinum Trophy Any PS3 Game Instantly


Update: Phidyos has now launched an app called GetYourPlatinum v1. which will unlock all PS3 trophies will be with random timestamps (2010).

Today Inaudax at (linked over) has shared how to Platinum Trophy any PS3 recreation instantaneously, and produced obtainable a information and video under along with one more from Sh1m3oN to unlock PS3 Trophies.

To quote: That’s appropriate, geezers. You can now platinum any PS3 recreation immediately!


– An exploited PS3 (JailBroken) on 3.forty one
– Laptop with Hex Editor Neo (recommended)
– The PS3 FTP Supervisor utility by CJPC
– Filezilla (Pc FTP Customer)

I’m warning you right now. If you program to sync your hacked trophies with this approach, you might face a chance of getting banned by Sony. It’s hugely unlikely but it’s feasible. So, be warned!

A quick of how this hack operates:

Inside the trophy assortment area on your XMB, there are games represented by thier TROPUSR.DAT(s) respectively, in which you can view the % of a match, what have you unlocked, and so on. TROPUSR.DAT retailers all of that info. Fundamentally to get anything unlocked on a match, you will require to edit that game’s TROPUSR.DAT.

Manually editting TROPUSR.DAT can take a while to get utilized to. But following understanding in which and which byte to change, you will be in a position to platinum a recreation in no time.


Modifying the TROPUSR.DAT file of Yakuza 3 will be element of this training.

1) Launch the FTP service on PS3.

2) Open Filezilla on Personal computer, connect and navigate to the folder wherever TROPUSR.DAT is stored. For instance:



00000001 is my user ID.

 NPWR01101_00 is the Yakuza 3 folder.

 Inside the NPWR01101_00 folder, there will be a file which is called TROPUSR.DAT. Download that file to your PC.

 3) Open TROPUSR.DAT with Hex Editor Neo.

 4) Now, we need to figure out how many trophies does Yakuza 3 have:
test  How to Platinum Trophy Any PS3 Game Instantly5) Next, we need to add a byte that we have 45 trophies generally unlocked.
test2  How to Platinum Trophy Any PS3 Game Instantly6) Now, we need to add FF and two zero bytes (meaning 100%) below the 45 byte that you have just inserted.
test3  How to Platinum Trophy Any PS3 Game Instantly7) This is the final step. Now, you just need to unlock every trophy by adding 01 00 01 10 to every trophy ID's in the file.
test4  How to Platinum Trophy Any PS3 Game Instantly
To comprehend what I have specifically inserted, go to Device in Hex Editor  Neo -> File Comparison -> Evaluate Files. Set two TROPUSR.DAT (% and 100%)  in the dialogs and change the comparison technique to 'Difference algorithm' and  click on Okay. Now, you will be capable to see what I have edited. This will aid  you realize less difficult. Good luck!

And, oh, when you view a trophy  info on XMB with the hacked TROPUSR.DAT, you will see some thing like 'Earned -  '. That's because I didn't create timestamps. At the second, I don't know how to  create 1... since I'm not 100% certain which bytes are accountable for that.  Here's an example of some legit trophy I've unlocked:

test5  How to Platinum Trophy Any PS3 Game InstantlyI'll figure out how to add timestamps later if I can.