How to JailBreak PS3 with Blackcat USB


How you can JailBreak PS3 with Blackcat USB


PS3 (on fw 3.41)

Blackcat USB

Switch Software (i made use of 3.3.1)

Psgroove Teensy 1. Hex file w/ Manager.pkg

Manager.pkg file

Exterior USB Drive

Original PS3 Game Disc

1) Place the Blackcat USB in DFU mode by flipping both switches towards the 1 an 2 positions.

2) Push the button about the board and check out Device Manager, whether it turns up as AT90USB162 you are in DFU mode.

3) Open Switch and choose target device AT90USB162.

4) Now get into Configurations and choose a communication medium, choose USB. Your Blackcat’s info should appear.

5) Visit File, hit Load Hex File, and judge the Teensy 1. hex file.

6) Erase, Blank Check it, and write the Hex file to the nick.

7) Hit the verify button to make certain it experienced ok, if that’s the case just hit the “Start Application” button.

8) Load the Manager.pkg to the exterior drive. (Formatted FAT32)

9) See your PS3 and perform a complete energy cycle. (Switch off completely with turn on back.)

10) Connect your Blackcat USB, switch on the switch at the spine.

11) Energy in your PS3 striking the eject button immediately. (This is actually the part many people screw up.)

12) Should you made it happen right, you’ll have two folders in your XMB. One which states “Install Package Files” and the other “/application_home/PS3_GAME/”.

13) Connect your USB drive using the Manager.pkg file. You need to now view it within the “Install Package Files” folder. Run it. You need to are in possession of Package Manager installed.

14) Install your original PS3 game and run Package Manager. It’ll request you whether you need to load it or support it. Support it!

15) Following a couple of minutes you will have a copy of the overall game turning up. Choose it and it’ll load it towards the XMB menu.

16) Hit the overall game icon and Play!!! ENJOY!!!