How to Fix PS3 Corrupted Data Update Error from 3.41 to 3.55 CFW


Hello guys, this is the first time undertaking a thread.. I’m a large fan of the website and I imagined in sharing a way I located in how to clear up the matter.

Well for some of us we downgraded to three.41 in purchase to use the ps3 hacks and now some of us want to update to three.55 cfw and it has turn out to be a genuine dilemma since just about every time you experimented with to update to every single single new update even 3.56 and we stored acquiring the corrupted data error and stops the update.

So I observed a way to repair it:

1. You have to get your ps3 into factory settings just like when you downgraded
2. Now just like you did for downgrading you do it for update so turn off the ps3
3. Get a usb and in the root put the level2 dialog file 1 and then the update to three.50 ofw.
4. Connect the usb to the ps3 and turn it on just like in the downgrade
5. These method is automatic so in a couple of minutes your ps3 will shut down.
6. After the ps3 is off get the usb out and make guaranteed that the ps3 has up to date to three.50 ofw and then turn it off.
7. Then on the usb delete all thew files and then move forward to duplicate and paste the level2 dialog file two to get your ps3 out of the factory setting.
8. As soon as once again just like in the downgrade connect the usb to the ps3 and then turn it on and the ps3 will automatically turn off.
9. Turn on your ps3 and you need to be at 3.50 ofw.
10. From there you need to be ready to update to 3.55ofw and when there you can update freely to 3.55 ofw.

I dont actually know if it will do the job in all the ps3 variations because I only attempted it on the slim version but it need to aid you.

The ps3 didnt brick and is functioning at the second perfectly with the 3.55 cfw kmeaw not issues.

I don’t know if you can make the procedure quicker by updating right to three.55 ofw instead of three.50 ofw but the motive I decide on to use 3.50 it’s simply because its much less troublesome.