How to Convert .MKV Files without Quality Loss for PS3



– tsMuxeR ( or for latest)

Alteration using tsMuxeR is an extremely simple one. It includes modifying a couple of configurations, which you’ll see outlined within the screenshot about the right.

The recording or audio submissions are not really converted whatsoever. All tsMuxeR does is it extracts (demuxes) the audio and video in the Matroska .MKV file and systems them (muxes) to some .ts transport stream format. The recording or audio remain untouched, so the standard isn’t influenced and the operation is extremely fast.

Perform the next steps:

– Open a .MKV file with AVC/AC3 content while using Add button

– Take notice of the track info for AVC profile information. Whether it shows something greater than 4.1, then make use of the Change level function to regulate it lower to 4.1

– Choose TS muxing as Output

– Click browse button and judge the title and placement for the file

– Click Start muxing to start

Following a couple of minutes you ought to have files named filename.ts. Now all that you should do would be to burn the .TS file on the DVD-R(W), or transfer via RedKawa for your PS3.

I converted and performed around 10 .mkv movies with no problem so far. FYI I am using Nero Burning ROM to create the files. DVD-ROM (UDF/ISO) compilation with UDF 2.01 File system version.