[GUIDE] Working Blu-Ray Drive Swap


Prior to you start, make certain you go to or listed below 3.15 If you have actually 3.55 put in, you will should utilize the customized 3.55 downgrade data first, then downgrade to 3.15 or reduced then lastly start the treatment.

Older 256meg nand Ps3’s have to go to 2.30. Newer 16meg nand Ps3’s must be great from 3.15.

AS always, this goes to your OWN RISK. Not all PS3s will certainly support it.

1. Go to the ideal firmware for your PS3
2. Adjustment your dongle to “Manufacturing facility Solution Method”.
3. Duplicate files from the folder downloaded over (the materials of the devusb folder) to the origin of an empty usb stick.
4. Duplicate the PS3UPDAT. If your system could handle it) to the USB stick, DOG from 3.15 (or reduced.
5. Put the USB stick into the best side USB port on the PS3.
6. Put the Dongle into other port (furthest left is finest).
7. Power off the PS3 using the power change at the spine.
8. Turn the power back on.
9. Press power then expel within.2 seconds.
10. Stand by till the PS3 shuts off after that push the power button on the front again.
11. The USB will certainly now start to flash and do a “Drive Init” after that set up the PUP file.
12. The system will certainly turn itself off once again.
13. Power on and play a BluRay film up until the motion picture starts.
14. Get rid of Dongle and Usb Stick then insert “Exit Lv2diag” stick (aka Lv2diag file 2) into the exact same harbor it just was in the Ps3 (most remote to the right).
15. Press power to leave “Manufacturing plant Solution Mode”.
16. Done.

Download the needed files here.