[GUIDE] Playing Blu-Ray Movie on PS3. FW 1.6+


With firmware 1.60, the PS3 now plays. m2ts files, not in border, though, merely stereo. This will certainly help mpeg2. m2ts documents likewise, however not vc-1.

So its very straightforward. When U make a Blu-Ray film backup on COMPUTER, U get a several m2ts data, largest is main movie. (EDIT: I never attempt backup with SAK on PS3. I found Blu-Ray flick rip on web in folders ready to be burned on BD-R.) We only need a largest. m2ts submit(some example 15 GB or more), that is a main flick. (I u have Blu-Ray rip in folders, u will certainly discover main motion picture. m2ts submit in x: BDMV STREAM, something like 00001. m2ts, quick to some new developed folder. Now U can erase all various other folders, we don’t need them.) All that we need to do now is rename that main movie documents in. mp4(instance – 00001. m2ts rename to “film name”. mp4) and u’re done!

I was doing some screenings, with RedKawa documents server I move a renamed. m2ts to. mp4 sample to PS3, and it claimed “Unsuporeted data” yet anyway I push “X” and playback started! When I returned to XMB, there was not “Unsuported information” title!

Try it!, its allready renamed, just duplicate to PS3, listed here it is (sample was secured from BluRay disc) – http://rapidshare.com/files/26460506/Sony.mp4

With this procedure, just earlier motion pictures with mpeg2 codings with stereo noises will certainly work.

There’s additionally this approach that I have found on line.

1. Set up SAK (Swiss Army Knife) to the PS3 OtherOS and boot into it. I utilize the network connection and do it via the ps3 rather than the web browser and move the ISO over the network. You can connect a FAT32 hard drive and get the ISO by doing this also.

2. If you put the ISO on FAT32 difficult drive, join them into 1 large iso with copy / b, after that placed it in to a directory site. If you did a network link, then go to step 3.

3. Install Nero Premium v7.8.5.0 and once put in, visit StartSmart, Extras Tab, see to it its in Advanced Method then pick Mount ISO picture. Mount the ISO of the blu-ray flick you have. It is CRUCIAL to make use of nero, as Daemon Equipment DOES NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY FOR THIS APPROACH.

Modification. Most recent Daemon devices appears to work fine. Otherwise satisfy allow me understand.

4. Put in AnyDVD HD Once put in, go to windows explorer and inspect the placed ISO drive to see if the AACS Directory site has actually been renamed to SLY!. If so, you ought to excel.

5. In AnyDVD HD, appropriate select the symbol in the taskbar, and you will certainly see: Hole Video clip HD-DVD / Blu-Ray to Hard disk. Choose that, make certain the drive being picked is the one with the Nero positioned Blu-Ray image and allow it tear. I suggest not doing considerably while it works its miracle.

5a. Now, a lot of individuals spoke concerning how AnyDVD HD has errors with blu-ray, yet that is due to the fact that they corrected the ripping in the current variation ONLY if you utilize the unique slit device. If you go to windows explorer and copy over the documents to your hard disk, THEY WILL ERROR. This is the ONLY way to do it effectively, and i will certainly show you ways to verify next.

6. Once complete, you ought to have the complete blu-ray in your hard disk and ready to go. As an examination, close AnyDVD HD and try to play some of the. m2ts’s on the picture installed, THEY WILL CERTAINLY NOT WORK. Yet the ones off of the hard disk you decrypted will. Now, you need to check for errors. A lot of blu-ray motion pictures have MPEG2 Trailers which are ~ 100-300 megs a piece for other blu-ray films. Replicate 2-3 of them in to a vacant directory site. You will certainly should check these for mistakes. When AnyDVD HD mistakes, it takes place on every file, so you intend to examine at the very least 2-3 documents for mistakes and make sure they are ok utilizing MPEG2Repair.

7. MPEG2Repair WILL NOT receive Decrypted. m2ts documents. You have to convert them to. ts. The program i use is called: m2tstots. It is command line based and lightening quickly. As soon as you change those documents you have, go on and operate them with MPEG2 repair work, 1 by 1. You will certainly have a flow error, do not stress over that, its since ALL blu-rays provide that mistake. As soon as done, the only point you intend to search for is errors in the video/audio locations. I did this with 4 various flicks i had no buttons for and they functioned flawlessly.

1.) You require FW 1.6 and approximately do this.
2.) You require UDF 2.5 motorist for windows XP for your computer system to see this picture after decription.
3.) Alot of manual intervention is still needed for newer released flicks. Will certainly upload the commonly utilized hex codes later.