[GUIDE] Play Any PS3 game on your jailbroken PS3


Play (nearly) Any sort of PS3 game on your jailbroken PS3
I’m unsure if there’s a guide on the best ways to do this, yet I have actually been missing for a couple of weeks from a lot of forums, and i bear in mind a lot of LOTS OF individuals asking the best ways to play this and that, so this is exactly what you do to obtain nearly all ps3 games functioning on your ps3.


You need to have 3.55 on your ps3 to do this, however 3.41 can additionally function if you follow the guidelines.
I have done this with the methods I’m specifying down below, how ever before outdated they could be.

To start with, you need to have a complete back-up of any ps3 game.
This could be gotten from any legit technique.

1: Download EbootFIX from http://www.megaupload.com/?d=653OG5V4

2: Browse to your PS3 data backup folder, and empty the components of the rar into the same folder where the PS3_GAME folder is found.

3: Drag the PS3_GAME folder (yes, the entire folder) onto EbootFIX. exe.
This will certainly begin a procedure in EbootFIX to do things with your data backup that you possibly wont comprehend.

As soon as that’s done, continue with the tut.

4: Download Multiman. http://store.brewology.com/ahomebrew.php?brewid=24

5: Install Multiman on your JB PS3. Find a various tu on that if you don’t understand how to.

I’ve done this with numerous games, however the most recent one was Little Big World 2, which functioned completely great.

I’m composing this with a 8GB usb stick in mind.
Given that games can get quite huge, they might not fit on your USB stick, so keep reading.

6: Respond to your PS3 backup folder, and figure out exactly what makes it so large in dimension. For little big earth 2 it’s the Videos folder, located in PS3_GAME USRDIR gamedata videos.

7: Now, you copy the whole Backup folder onto a FAT32 formatted stick. I indicate every bit you CAN fit on there when I point out whole folder. If your game is 20GB, and your stick only 8, you discover that the video folder is the greatest component, so you replicate everything you can into the stick untill it’s full.

8: As soon as your very first part is positioned nicely on the stick, you plug it in ANY usb port on your PS3, and launch Multiman.

9: Now, when you start Multiman, you’ll see all the games readily available on your display. Now, you’ll see the game that you merely put on the USB stick, on the display. Highlight the game, and press O to data backup the game into your PS3. Ofcourse, you need to have enough space on the PS3.

10: When its done copying documents, you take the stick out of the ps3, and place it back into your PC or laptop. Erase every little thing off your stick at this factor.

11: Duplicate the staying data onto the USB stick in their appropriate folder. You duplicate half of the material if the folder is also large to suit on the stick. If you cant in good condition one-half on it, do nonetheless much you can. Keep it in the right folder though.

12: Once it’s done copying, you put the stick back in to the PS3, and launch MultiMAN again.
This time, press SELECT+START to obtain into filemanager method.

THIRTEEN: Left wing hand side, you browse to your USB stick, and the RIGHT hand side, to the folder where you replicated the game to. / dev_hdd0 / GAMES.

14: On the RIGHT display, browse to the folder that’s missing the data you couldnt fit on earlier.
In this situation, it’s the video clips folder, found in PS3_GAME USRDIR gamedata.

So now, you’ll have the USB stick screen on the Left hand side, with the video clips folder, and the PS3_GAME USRDIR gamedata on the RIGHT hand display.

15: Highlight the video clip’s folder (or whatever you couldnt fit on the stick earlier) on the USB stick side, and press O once more to replicate the highlighted folder over to the RIGHT hand display. This will copy everything from the folder you selected on the LEFT to the folder you went to on the RIGHT.

Replay action 10-15 if You haven’t duplicated all the files from the game yet.

16: As soon as you’re DEFINITELY certain you have each and every huge of the game on your ps3, you visit the GAMING image, on the leading left of the Multiman Filemanager display, and you obtain offered with the listing of games once more. Dismiss this action if you’re already on the listing of games.

17: If you adhered to every little thing properly, you’ll have your game of choice now in the list, with hdd0 under it’s label. At this factor, you go back to filemanager mode (SELECT+START) and browse to the PS3_GAME folder on your hdd0 on the ps3. Highlight the PS3_GAME folder, (left or appropriate side, doesn’t matter) and press the R3 button on your operator. This is the RIGHT analog stick.

This will make a darkness copy of the game.

18: When you have actually done that, you take the USB stand out of the PS3, and location it back in your COMPUTER.

19: Nagivate to the backupu folder, and copy the CORRECT PKG into the ROOT of your USB stick.
The appropriate PKG is the onen that has your FW in the name. You take the 3.55 one if you’re on 3.55. very apparent. The PKG is situated in the exact same folder as your PS3_GAME folder is.

20: Plug the USB stick in your PS3 once again, and now visit the Install Package deal Data on your XMB (the Ps3 homescreen) under the GAMES tab. Here you’ll find the PKG for your game.

FINAL: Now put in the PKG, and conform.

PLease note, I have not created ANY of the methods stated in this tut. I just found this technique to help me practically every time. I say practically, due to the fact that from all the games i have actually attempted, just Two Worlds II didn’t function, however i couldnt be bothered to figure out why, because it looked economical.

Please permit me know if this worked for YOU, and list what job and what doesn’t. Through this, everyone that explores this tut will certainly see what to get out of this.