Guide of Everything You Need to Know About Hacking Your PS3


I am causeing this to be guide for individuals individuals who don’t seem like reading through through 500 pages of knowledge. I am going to try to establish some kind of time frame of occasions as everything has gone lower from the time all of this skyrocketed so far, a kind of FAQ section. We’ll observe how it is going, and you can add almost anything to it.

To begin with, this whole scene was began using the discharge of PSjailbreak. Those are the original cyber-terrorist that found this exploit. Their exploit is presently being organized by the new sony by having an injunction, if you want that, you’ll have to wait some time.

Their exploit was closed source, until Mathieulh’s team reverse designed it, and launched their own version from the source known as PSgroove. PSgroove may be put on certain teams of AT90USB and related microcontrollers, and much more lately, BlackCatUSB modem blinkers.

Other versions from the PSJB really are a work happening, together with a PSP version, a android version, along with a TI81 version. Mathieulh’s free was initially meant to not run anything except homebrew (no backup copies), but which was rapidly patched to permit backup copies (Thanks CJPC!).

An introduction to this exploit are available is here now. It really works the following

You plug this USB device to your PS3 after energy cycling, press energy eject, then your exploit runs. This puts your PS3 right into a debug mode that enables you to definitely run unsigned code. After this you put a USB memory stick using the backupmanager.pkg or whatever other PKG file you want to run within the other USB slot of the PS3.

Okay, here are the options if you wish to understand this done.

A) Purchase a preflashed USB this type of PS3Stinger, PS3Key, PSJailbreak, or even the promising x3jailbreak if you are set for simplicity.

B) Purchase a supported USB microcontroller to place your own PSgroove on, the least expensive method that’s availiable.

C) Wait for a Andriod/PSP/TI89/apple iphone ports to operate the exploit on. (by at this time you will find NO working versions of those ports!)

Option A is fairly easy, and option C is not exactly a choice at this time (it’s more for that patient guy ), so we will get into detail about option B.

Essentially the initial step to option B is always to purchase your USB stick. Listed here are compatible


* AT90USB162

* AT90USB646

* AT90USB647

* AT90USB1286

* AT90USB1287


Blackcat boards using the correct chipset, which have TCNISO printed in it.

More information on blackcat boards

Olimex AVR-USB-162 boards work, with one of these configurations:


MCU = at90usb162


F_CPU = 8000000

OKAY! I had been lucky enough to get have discovered one of these simple boards online, ok now what!? The next thing is decide the right version of PSgroove that you’ll want according to your chipset. The very first two pages of the thread contain all the versions from it that you will need, precompiled. Selecting the version you’ll need is fairly easy. After you have your put together hex file, you have to place it in your USB device.’s a great tutorial supplied by PJRC, or if you want to go ahead and take more difficult route you should use Switch software to use it there (google!).

After you have your PSGroove installed to your USB device, there’s just one other factor to complete. Visit this sites downlaod section and snag a duplicate from the PS3 Backup manager, then put that on the USB memory stick. Energy cycle your PS3, then plug your PSgroove in it. Press the energy button, then rapidly contain the eject button to activate the exploit. You will have new options inside your game menu. Connect your USB memory stick using the backupmanager.pkg and do the installation.

Now you are all set (

Bits And Pieces

Q: Can One burn a PS3 ISO onto a packages disk and rip it onto my hard disk?

A: No.

Q: Is USB90LOLHIFFF suitable for PSGROOVE!?

A: Go make use of the search button, and click on search posts. If nothing pops up, most likely not. But you can request within the primary PSGroove subject anyways, keep that from here.

Q: Can one make use of a regular USB memory stick as well PSGroove?

A: Definitely not, you’ll need a nick that may run code, not really a memory stick that stores information.

Q: Will this void my warranty?

A: Not a chance, console isn’t opened up.

Q: Can one play online?

A: Yes, with a few games. Beware though, you are vulnerable to getting banned!

Q: Do all games work?

A: Not a chance. Some games with files bigger than 4gb aren’t effective, others just aren’t effective for no no reason. I am sure afterwards you will see patches, but by now look into the PS3 compatibility list sticky.

Q: How Do You GET MY PSP To Operate THIS EXPLOIT???

A: You wait for a designers to complete their program, it isn’t out yet. Same factor with android/apple iphone/ipod device/ect.

Q: How do you download a game title, then use it my harddrive to operate for that PS3?

A: By at this time, you will find no confirmed techniques, just speculations.

Q: Can One download .PKG files from PSN, then set them up with PSGroove?

A: By at this time, it appears the reply is no, but I am sure later you will see patches with this too.

Q: What firmware is needed? Can one listen to it on older firmwares?

A: By at this time, firmware 3.41 is needed, it creates not one other firmwares. However, you will find gossips that PSJB includes a patch approaching which will operate on all firmwares.

Q: Are games updatable?

A: This a person’s tricky. There’s been lots of random information floating about updates. For those who have updates already placed on the body before setting up the overall game, they game wont work. You need to remove the overall game data, then install the overall game. The brand new game data is going to be skippable, because it sometimes works, but for several games it will not. There is no real solid info on it.

That’s all i’m able to think about at this time, i’ll update later!