[GUIDE] How To Play MKV content on PS3


Ways to play MKV content on PlayStation 3 (M2TS).

Introduction & Criteria:.

Action 1: Download TsMuxer from the web link and draw out all the data to a folder making use of WinRAR.

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) console does not sustain the MKV / Matroska compartment, but it will support a lot of the sound and video that can be kept in the MKV container. This quick guide assumes that the video clip and sound of your MKV file are H. 264 / AVC and AC3 audio. For the record, DTS audio will collaborate with this procedure.


http://www.smlabs.net/tsMuxer/tsMuxeR_1.8.4(b). zip.
Winrar: Optional.

Action 2: Open TsMuxerGUI. exe.

After you have actually extracted all the files from WinRAR to a folder, run the TsMuxerGUI. exe documents. This method is not very complicated whatsoever but what it attains is ground cracking for PS3 video. This procedure made use of to take fairly a while, but TsMuxer automatics almost the entire process now.

Anyhow, permit’s obtain on with it. Make sure you are in the Input tab. Look at the empty Input documents area, go to the Add button next to this.

Action 3: Open MKV documents.

Visit your Hard Disk Drive for the folder that includes the MKV data that you really want to use the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console. Double-click it when you locate it.

TsMuxer will certainly now take a moment to assess the data prior to it reveals you any type of streams.

Open MKV Submit.

Action 4: Inspect Flow Info.

You ought to now be able to see the kind of flows that you have in your MKV documents if the MKV data was opened effectively. In mine, I have H. 264 / AVC video clip (1280 x 720) going for 23.976 fps (click on to enlarge photo) and AC3 5.1 audio, extremely good.

Nevertheless, there is a problem. Look closely at the keep track of information for my video clip. It claims.

Profile: High @ 5.1.

This is bad due to the fact that the PS3 just assists up to Level 4.1, not 5.1. However, the fix for this is simple and built right in to the tsMuxer program.

MKV flow info.

Action 5: Change AVC video to Level 4.1.

Select the AVC stream that is readied to Degree 5.1 (if you have 4.1 or reduced, skip this action) and you will see the options before the Tracks listing modifications (check my photo, click to augment).

Beside the Adjustment Level option is a box. Click it and an environment-friendly tick will appear. Now go to the drop-down box and choose 4.1 from the checklist. This need to ensure that the video will certainly play properly.

Step 6: Set to M2TS Muxing.

By default, tsMuxer is set to TS Muxing, which won’t work for this procedure. Merely select the M2TS muxing alternative as I have performed in my image (click on to expand). The option is situated under Output.

You also can now pick where to conserve the new M2TS file if you desire, although the default will coincide folder and filename as the initial MKV, however with a. m2ts extension. This is usually high quality.

Click the Start Muxing button when you have done all of the above.

Outcome = m2TS Muxing.

Action 7: The Process.

How long this process will certainly take depends on the length of the original MKV file, and naturally, it’s data size. Hope that there will certainly be no mistakes!


I hope this brief write-up will certainly deliver some new multimedia life to your PlayStation 3 (PS3) console.