**Free, Quick PS3 Jailbreak** (3.50, 3.55) ** Corrupted Data Fix Also**


The Zipped Jailbreak File: www.mediafire.com **Steps To Jailbreak** 1. Copy the zipped files directly to Flash Drive 2. Insert Flash Drive into your ps3 3. Go to system update (under settings) 4. Select Update via media storage and install from there. (Optional) 5. Install comgenie’s file manager by going under the game section and clicking install package. If you want to make challenge lobbies on MW2 refer to this video. You already have the files on your flash drive to do this so watch this video and follow directions with the exception of downloading anything. www.youtube.com

****DOWNLOAD LINK****** This is one of the download link you will need: www.mediafire.com !! 50likes and subs for the other too!!! Thanbks For Your help!!!:)