[GUIDE] Fix Blackscreen and PS3 freezing


Way too many of you intends to play MW2 and other games that freezes after lunching right?

so the well-known dean (the designer of multiMAN) had actually fixed this problem and realesed v1.15.00: mrgreen:.

Now lets start. (continue reading…)

[GUIDE] Playing Blu-Ray Movie on PS3. FW 1.6+

With firmware 1.60, the PS3 now plays. m2ts files, not in border, though, merely stereo. This will certainly help mpeg2. m2ts documents likewise, however not vc-1.

So its very straightforward. When U make a Blu-Ray film backup on COMPUTER, U get a several m2ts data, largest is main movie. (EDIT: I never attempt backup with SAK on PS3. I found Blu-Ray flick rip on web in folders ready to be burned on BD-R.) We only need a largest. m2ts submit(some example 15 GB or more), that is a main flick. (I u have Blu-Ray rip in folders, u will certainly discover main motion picture. m2ts submit in x: BDMV STREAM, something like 00001. m2ts, quick to some new developed folder. Now U can erase all various other folders, we don’t need them.) All that we need to do now is rename that main movie documents in. mp4(instance – 00001. m2ts rename to “film name”. mp4) and u’re done! (continue reading…)

[GUIDE] How To Play MKV content on PS3

Ways to play MKV content on PlayStation 3 (M2TS).

Introduction & Criteria:.

Action 1: Download TsMuxer from the web link and draw out all the data to a folder making use of WinRAR. (continue reading…)

[GUIDE] Working Blu-Ray Drive Swap

Prior to you start, make certain you go to or listed below 3.15 If you have actually 3.55 put in, you will should utilize the customized 3.55 downgrade data first, then downgrade to 3.15 or reduced then lastly start the treatment.

Older 256meg nand Ps3’s have to go to 2.30. Newer 16meg nand Ps3’s must be great from 3.15.

AS always, this goes to your OWN RISK. Not all PS3s will certainly support it. (continue reading…)

[GUIDE] Play Any PS3 game on your jailbroken PS3

Play (nearly) Any sort of PS3 game on your jailbroken PS3
I’m unsure if there’s a guide on the best ways to do this, yet I have actually been missing for a couple of weeks from a lot of forums, and i bear in mind a lot of LOTS OF individuals asking the best ways to play this and that, so this is exactly what you do to obtain nearly all ps3 games functioning on your ps3.

KEEP IN MIND: THIS TUT IS JUST FOR 3.55 !!!! (continue reading…)